Freshwater led aquarium Lights
Freshwater LED aquarium lights are a special kind of light fixture. According to the law of plant growth, it is necessary to use sunlight. The aquarium light is a kind of light that uses the principle of sunlight to replace the sunlight to the growth and development environment of aquatic plants.
Guanke Aquarium is one of the most professional freshwater led aquarium lights suppliers in China. We offer a wide selection of cheap freshwater led aquarium lights in stock. Welcome to buy and check the price quotation with us.
1. The LED aquarium light is made of two metal combinations. The iron is painted and the aluminum alloy is sandblasted.
2. Light to thin design, the entire luminaire is small and light, easy to transport.
3. The lamp bead is equipped with a secondary lens to make the light source have a stronger concentrating effect and penetrating power.
4. The outer casing and the heat sink are integrally formed, the heat dissipation area is maximized, and the built-in high-efficiency silent fan effectively reduces the heat dissipation problem during product operation.
5. User-friendly design, modular assembly, the light board is divided into several groups, each set of light board is driven by independent power supply.
8. Safe, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, free of pollution and harmful substances.
9. High-quality high-power LED as a light source with a service life of up to 50,000 hours.
10. Built-in CE certified power supply, no other equipment configuration, no mirrors and ballasts.
Applicable to the growth of various aquarium organisms, the light emitted is more beautiful, more vivid, more penetrating, and the viewing effect is excellent;
Freshwater LED aquarium lights are suitable for plant growth and flowering at various stages, and as a result, they work well with indoor gardens, aqueous cultured or soil cultured plants.
Usage Suggestions:
The red/blue/orange/yellow/purple/infrared/white mixed light can be selected to provide the spectral needs of aquatic plants. Blue light promotes the growth of aquatic plants, and users can choose a more appropriate wavelength and color temperature ratio to promote the growth of aquatic organisms.
LED Lights
LED light is a kind of underwater lighting fixture with LED as the light source and a mixture of red, green and blue. It is the perfect choice for fountains, theme parks, exhibitions, commercial and art lighting. In order to make the LED lights better heat dissipation, it is recommended to use the lighter below the water surface.
LED lights are mainly suitable for the growth of various aquarium organisms. Open the blue light in the evening to show the fluorescent color of coral and soft fish, the light is more beautiful, more vivid, more penetrating and enjoys the effect. Guanke Aquarium is one of the most professional led lights suppliers in China. We offer a wide selection of cheap led lights in stock. Welcome to buy and check the price quotation with us.
 LED life is up to 50,000 hours, built-in 3PCS fan, which can effectively reduce the heat dissipation problem during product operation and ensure the normal use time of the product. It is widely used in marine aquarium lighting and breeding corals. LED lights contain different proportions, and the light does not contain any ultraviolet light, which is absolutely safe for living organisms and human body; there is a high light-transmissive glass stop under the lamp group to prevent water splashing. Customers can use different lamp bead ratios according to different needs.
- Imported high-power LEDs are used as light sources for long life and low power consumption.
- It is safe and reliable with low voltage DC power supply.
- High quality stainless copper casing, beautiful and safe, reliable.
- Aluminum lamp body with strong anti-corrosion and impact resistance.
- Built-in power supply with CE certification, no other equipment configuration, no mirrors and ballasts required.
- The illuminated area and height of the lamp will change accordingly depending on the environment, and the technical parameters will also change.
- All product rings are environmentally friendly and contain no harmful heavy metals such as mercury.
Large swimming pools, fountains, aquariums and other places for underwater lighting.
Suitable for most marine life.
- Turn off the power before installation to prevent electric shock. Avoid touching the surface of the lamp with your hands during work.
- Make sure the product is used under normal conditions when in use.
- Avoid installation in places with heat sources and hot steam or corrosive gases to avoid affecting life.
- Do not touch or tap the product while the lamp is in operation.
Air Pumps
The use of air pumps can effectively eliminate the temperature of the pond, the oxygen layer, the density of the seawater, and supplement the oxygen at the bottom of the aquarium to achieve the aquaculture water environment conditions. Guanke Aquarium is one of the most professional air pumps suppliers in China. We offer a wide selection of cheap air pumps in stock. Welcome to buy and check the price quotation with us.
Working Principle:
1. The impeller of air pumps consists of dozens of blades, which resemble the impeller of a large gas turbine.
2. The air in the middle of the impeller blades is subjected to centrifugal force and moves toward the edge of the impeller, where the air enters the annular cavity of the pump body and is recirculated in the same manner from the starting point of the blade.
3. The circulating airflow generated by the rotation of the impeller leaves the air pump for use at very high energy.
4. The fan of air pumps adopts a special motor, which is compact in structure, small in size, light in weight, low in noise, and has no water and no oil.
- High efficiency: Under the previous design and strict quality control, the air pump has the following performance.
- Low energy consumption: Any method, such as blowing and suction, has its own performance, and the air pump has a more conservative design in the high pressure range. When the usage changes, the air pumps still operates safely.
- Reliable: In addition to the impeller, the air pump has no other moving parts, and the impeller is directly connected to the motor, without gears or transmission belts, so the reliability is high and almost maintenance-free.
- Easy to install: Air pumps can be installed at any time for use in compressed air or for vacuuming. It can be installed in any horizontal or vertical direction.
- Low noise: Direct drive with low noise motor, built-in muffler at the entrance and exit, which can reduce the noise during operation.
- Rugged construction: The air pump body is cast from high-quality aluminum alloy for added durability.
- No pollution: When the impeller rotates, it is not in contact with any parts and is free of lubrication.
- Space saving: compact design and reduced space waste.
- Wide application range: According to different needs of customers, different voltage specifications are used.
- Environmentally friendly, energy efficient and efficient
- Improve pond bottom quality
- Can greatly improve the underlying hypoxia
- Reduce harmful substances in water
- Increase natural bait and save the feeding of bait
- Reduce the release of medicines and achieve pollution-free - farming
- Enhance the physical and disease resistance of cultured species
UV Lights
The main structure of the UV light includes: magnetron, photoresistor, starter, UV light (installed in the waveguide), filament transformer, waveguide cover, RF microwave shielding mesh, cooling air duct and air pressure switch. Compared with traditional low-pressure mercury lamps, this new type of high-efficiency UV light has the advantages of small size, power saving, environmental protection and long life.
UV lights help us create a healthier, more assured, sterile environment. The UV lights have the advantages of reasonable technology, simple structure, convenient operation, stable operation and protection of the human body. UV lights can purify the air and eliminate the musty smell. Guanke Aquarium is one of the most professional uv lights suppliers in China. We offer a wide selection of cheap uv lights in stock. Welcome to buy and check the price quotation with us.
In addition, it can produce a certain amount of negative oxygen ions. The room is especially fresh after being disinfected by ultraviolet light. At the same time, it can also avoid the spread of germs through the air or through the surface of the object, especially in hospitals, kindergartens and other places showing extremely high practical value.
Working Principle:
The wavelength of the UV lights can play a very good bactericidal effect. The energy of the UV lights is absorbed by the base pairs in the DNA, causing the genetic material to mutate, so that the bacteria immediately die or can not breed the offspring, and achieve the purpose of sterilization.
- The heat radiation is small, and the surface of the irradiated product has no temperature rise;
- The use of new high-energy UV lights to quickly complete the curing of UV glue, greatly improving production efficiency;
- Energy saving and environmental protection, LED electric power consumption is low, no need to preheat the lamp during use, instantaneously reach 100% high power, ready to use;
- High photoelectric conversion efficiency, no toxic substance mercury, no ozone, is a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional light sources;
- Reduce the cost of consumables and long service life. UV lights can reduce the cost of equipment consumables and increase the utilization rate of equipment;
- The small volume design fully considers the space requirements of precision production, making the installation of the equipment more convenient;
- The equipment can be applied in different processes, and the UV lights source can be customized according to the actual situation;
- Unique fan heat dissipation, quickly discharge heat from the chip, improve power output stability and extend LED life.
Widely used in hospitals, schools, nurseries, cinemas, buses, offices, etc.
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