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Freshwater led aquarium Lights

Freshwater LED aquarium lights are a special kind of light fixture. According to the law of plant growth, it is necessary to use sunlight. The aquarium light is a kind of light that uses the principle of sunlight to replace the sunlight to the growth and development environment of aquatic plants.
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1. The LED aquarium light is made of two metal combinations. The iron is painted and the aluminum alloy is sandblasted.
2. Light to thin design, the entire luminaire is small and light, easy to transport.
3. The lamp bead is equipped with a secondary lens to make the light source have a stronger concentrating effect and penetrating power.
4. The outer casing and the heat sink are integrally formed, the heat dissipation area is maximized, and the built-in high-efficiency silent fan effectively reduces the heat dissipation problem during product operation.
5. User-friendly design, modular assembly, the light board is divided into several groups, each set of light board is driven by independent power supply.
8. Safe, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, free of pollution and harmful substances.
9. High-quality high-power LED as a light source with a service life of up to 50,000 hours.
10. Built-in CE certified power supply, no other equipment configuration, no mirrors and ballasts.
Applicable to the growth of various aquarium organisms, the light emitted is more beautiful, more vivid, more penetrating, and the viewing effect is excellent;
Freshwater LED aquarium lights are suitable for plant growth and flowering at various stages, and as a result, they work well with indoor gardens, aqueous cultured or soil cultured plants.
Usage Suggestions:
The red/blue/orange/yellow/purple/infrared/white mixed light can be selected to provide the spectral needs of aquatic plants. Blue light promotes the growth of aquatic plants, and users can choose a more appropriate wavelength and color temperature ratio to promote the growth of aquatic organisms.
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