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Ultra-thin LED Aquarium Lights

Ultra-thin LED Aquarium Lights

  • LED ultra-thin Aquatic plants dedicated clip light

    Product basic information

    product nameLED ultra-thin Aquatic plants dedicated clip light


    Product model

    ZJL-40C           ZJL-60C           ZJL-80C

     ZJL-100C          ZJL-120C

    Product power

    10W                 20W              30W             

     40W                50W

    Product Length

    28CM     50CM   72CM 

    94CM     116CM

    Packing number

    20            15               15             

     15          15

                          Product Features

    1: Ultra-thin,elegant appearance

    2: High quality led quantity with nice color developing effect

    3: High-quality aluminum alloy shell, better heat dissipation, longer life

    4: The single lamp bead penetration is stronger

    5: Separate external power supply is more secure and reliable

    6:User-friendly design, operation more simple.


                           Operation method

    1: open the package, remove the lights, check the lights are damaged or cracks, if not, see the next step.

    2: the lamp frame in the fish tank

    3: Connect the power supply to the lamp

    4: power can be

    5: Select the color you want by switch control