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UV Lights

The main structure of the UV light includes: magnetron, photoresistor, starter, UV light (installed in the waveguide), filament transformer, waveguide cover, RF microwave shielding mesh, cooling air duct and air pressure switch. Compared with traditional low-pressure mercury lamps, this new type of high-efficiency UV light has the advantages of small size, power saving, environmental protection and long life.
UV lights help us create a healthier, more assured, sterile environment. The UV lights have the advantages of reasonable technology, simple structure, convenient operation, stable operation and protection of the human body. UV lights can purify the air and eliminate the musty smell. Guanke Aquarium is one of the most professional uv lights suppliers in China. We offer a wide selection of cheap uv lights in stock. Welcome to buy and check the price quotation with us.
In addition, it can produce a certain amount of negative oxygen ions. The room is especially fresh after being disinfected by ultraviolet light. At the same time, it can also avoid the spread of germs through the air or through the surface of the object, especially in hospitals, kindergartens and other places showing extremely high practical value.
Working Principle:
The wavelength of the UV lights can play a very good bactericidal effect. The energy of the UV lights is absorbed by the base pairs in the DNA, causing the genetic material to mutate, so that the bacteria immediately die or can not breed the offspring, and achieve the purpose of sterilization.
- The heat radiation is small, and the surface of the irradiated product has no temperature rise;
- The use of new high-energy UV lights to quickly complete the curing of UV glue, greatly improving production efficiency;
- Energy saving and environmental protection, LED electric power consumption is low, no need to preheat the lamp during use, instantaneously reach 100% high power, ready to use;
- High photoelectric conversion efficiency, no toxic substance mercury, no ozone, is a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional light sources;
- Reduce the cost of consumables and long service life. UV lights can reduce the cost of equipment consumables and increase the utilization rate of equipment;
- The small volume design fully considers the space requirements of precision production, making the installation of the equipment more convenient;
- The equipment can be applied in different processes, and the UV lights source can be customized according to the actual situation;
- Unique fan heat dissipation, quickly discharge heat from the chip, improve power output stability and extend LED life.
Widely used in hospitals, schools, nurseries, cinemas, buses, offices, etc.