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Saltwater Led Aquarium Lights

Saltwater LED aquarium light is a kind of special lamp. According to the law of plant growth, it is necessary to use sunlight. Saltwater LED aquarium lights use the principle of sunlight to replace the sunlight to the growth and development environment of the water grass.
The ratio between different saltwater LED aquarium lights can be specified by the customer, and the ratio we recommend is 1:1. The color temperature of the saltwater tank is 12000-14000K, and the blue light promotes the growth of aquatic plants. The user can choose a more suitable wavelength and color temperature ratio to promote the growth of aquatic plants.
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- With high quality LED light source, the life span is up to 50,000 hours.
- This saltwater LED aquarium lights can replace 3~5 times of high-pressure sodium lamp, which can save 80% energy compared with traditional high-pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp.
- Highly luminous, 90% of the emitted light can be absorbed by aquatic plants.
- The input voltage is AC110V~240V, which is suitable for electricity use all over the world.
- Built-in power supply, no other equipment configuration, direct and safe plug access can work, no need for mirrors and ballasts.
- The revolutionary cooling air outlet design is adopted to greatly improve the heat dissipation performance of the product.
- The intelligent detection system can automatically monitor the working condition of the whole lamp and automatically report the obstacle function.
- Using advanced isolated power supply, the output voltage meets safety standards.
- The power supply uses soft-start protection technology to prevent damage to the lamp body caused by high voltage when the saltwater LED aquarium lights are turned on.
- Aluminum brushed panel design with multi-color housing. Lightweight, easy to transport, all-lamp modular design for easy maintenance.
- Modular assembly design, no glue, no glass, easy to maintain. - The new fan technology, the fan life is longer, the noise is reduced by more than 50%.
- The illuminated area of ​​the lamp will vary according to the size and environment of the fish tank, and the technical parameters will vary.
- All the material rings of the saltwater LED aquarium lights meet the requirements of environmental protection and do not contain harmful heavy metal substances such as mercury and lead.
- A variety of colors of saltwater LED aquarium lights are available according to customers.